Chapter Fathers and Families

Law Of Attraction For Kids

Smart Parenting Guide

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Ross D. Parke 27

Chapter 3 Coparenting in Diverse Family Systems

James McHale, Inna Khazan, Pauline Erera, Tamir Rotman, 75

Wendy DeCourcey, andMelanie McConnell

Chapter 4 Single Parenthood

Marsha Weinraub, Danielle L. Horvath, and Marcy B. Gringlas 109

Chapter 5 Grandparenthood

Peter K. Smith and Linda M. Drew 141

Chapter 6 Adolescent Parenthood

Mignon R. Moore and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn 173

Chapter 7 Nonparental Caregiving

K. Alison Clarke-Stewart and Virginia D. Allhusen 215

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