Developing Domains in Infancy

During infancy, children transform from immature beings unable to move their limbs in a coordinated manner to children who control complicated sequences of muscle contractions and flections in order to walk, reach, or grasp, and from children who can only babble or cry to children who make needs and desires abundantly clear in language and other ways. During infancy, children first make sense of and understand objects in the world, first express and read basic human emotions, first develop...

References On Child Development

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Mechanisms of Parenting Effects on Infants

Growth And Development Infant

Parents' beliefs and behaviors influence infants and infant development by different paths. A common assumption in parenting is that the overall level of parental involvement or stimulation affects the infant's overall level of development see Maccoby and Martin, 1983 . An illustration of this simple model suggests that the development of language in infants is determined at least to some degree by the language infants hear Hart and Risley, 1995, 1999 . Indeed, mothers' single-word utterances...

Chapter Fathers and Families

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