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O O My child would benefit from one-on-one care, as opposed to the group setting of a center or family child care.

O O I understand and am willing to take on the responsibilities of an employer.

O O I am willing to devote time and effort to setting up and maintaining a relationship with my caregiver.

O O I feel comfortable having someone watch my child without the supervision of other adults or children.

O O I realize that my caregiver will be exposed to intimate details about my home and family.

O O The flexibility in-home care provides in terms of hours and scheduling is important for my family.

O O My school-age children have lessons and activities in the afternoons and I need a caregiver to help with transportation.

Having someone commute to your home:

O O I can afford $250 to $600 per week for full-time child care.

O O It's realistic to expect I can find someone who can commute to my home.

(Consider what time you need to leave in the morning, how long your work day is, and where your home is.)

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