Salary and benefits

a. Ms. Ford will be paid $250 per week for child care provided Tuesday through Friday, and will receive $7.50 per hour for care provided on Saturday. (She will receive $7.50 per hour for extra hours, to be negotiated in advance, except in an emergency.)

b. A portion of Ms. Ford's wages will be withheld and sent to the federal, state, and city governments, in accordance with tax laws.

c. Ms. Ford's salary will be paid by check, each Friday, even if for some reason Ms. Ford is not needed during her regularly scheduled hours.

d. Two weeks paid vacation will be provided each year. This time does not have to coincide with family vacations. Up to five paid sick days may be taken each year.

e. Health insurance will be paid for by the Douglas family. (Ms. Ford will be given a copy of insurance coverage information.)

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