Other rules to consider

Below are some other issues that might be addressed in your set of house rules.


If you have rules about television viewing, let your caregiver know how much is acceptable for the children - and her - to watch when she is on duty. If you have a VCR or subscribe to cable TV, let her know your policy on these.

Personal use of the telephone

Tell your caregiver how you feel about her making or receiving personal phone calls on the job. Do you mind if her family or friends call her at your home? Until what hours? If personal calls are acceptable to you, do you want her to limit her phone conversations to when your children may be napping or otherwise occupied?

Personal visitors

Make sure you talk to your caregiver about how you feel about her having guests during work hours. What are the rules about guests if she is staying with your children while you are gone for any extended length of time (overnight in particular)? g

Household calls and visitors w

Let your caregiver know how you want your home phone answered during the day. How much information is the caregiver to disclose to unknown callers? For exam-

ple, is the caregiver to give out your work number, when you are expected to return, etc.? Let her know also how you want her to handle answering the door during the day for service calls or salespeople, etc. It is helpful to give your care-giver a list of anyone expected during the day.

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