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Problems that arise between families and caregivers often occur as a result of mis- ^

understandings about the caregiver's duties. From the family's perspective, the ^

caregiver may not be doing all she was hired to do. From the caregiver's perspec- ™

tive, duties she never agreed to take on are being added without an increase in her compensation. om o e

The importance of being clear about your expectations can't be overemphasized. While it is not possible to anticipate every little task that may be called for by the time you have hired a caregiver you should have a pretty good idea of what her responsibilities will include. After all, you already were aware of your basic requirements when you started your search for a caregiver. In preparing for your search, you probably made a preliminary list of her daily and weekly responsibilities. During the interview, you discussed with her what her duties would be. Now you simply need to write these job responsibilities down as part of the work agreement.

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