House rules for caregivers

Every family has its own stated or unstated rules and no one knows the rules of your household better than you do. When you have a caregiver, particularly one who lives with you, you may have to spell out some rules you have always taken for granted. Don't assume anything. If you expect a certain behavior, be clear about what it is. It's better to err on the side of being too specific, rather than too vague.

Discuss house rules before your caregiver starts to work, even on a trial basis. Some families find that it is best to include their house rules as part of the work agreement that they negotiate with their caregiver at the beginning of the family/caregiver relationship.

Avoid the temptation to postpone worrying about house rules until a problem comes up. If you handle the situation in advance you can spare yourself and your caregiver future misunderstandings and possibly hard feelings.

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