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Now is the time to make up your list of all the tasks that you want your caregiver to perform. Think about the typical day you envision for your children in the care of the person you hire. What do you want them to do together? Play? Read? Go on outings? Work on projects?

Be clear about whether you are looking for someone solely to take care of your children or someone who will do child care and housekeeping, too. If housekeeping is a priority for your family, do you mean light housekeeping tasks (straightening up, loading the dishwasher, etc.) or more serious chores such as vacuuming and dusting, cleaning the bathrooms and floors, laundry, cooking, and errands?

Try to be realistic. A caregiver may not be able to do a good job of taking care of b

your children and cleaning your house. Set priorities for any work to be done that is outside the realm of child care. go

Use the "Job Responsibilities" checklist that follows to help define your posi- °

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