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If you're considering hiring a complete stranger or someone from a different area, you may also choose to have an in-depth background check done on a candidate's criminal records, job history, driving record, and credit history. Specific companies called background-check agencies typically contract with placement agencies to offer these services but will also work with families who have found a candidate on ver their own. reg a u

With the caregiver's permission, a background-check agency can conduct a search £

to locate information from government agencies in areas of the United States oos where the caregiver says she has lived. Depending on the type of check you would like conducted, the background-check agency fees can range from $45 to $300.

A background check can usually be completed in 3 to 14 days. The information you'll receive will reflect the caregiver's background for the past seven years or from her eighteenth birthday, whichever time period is shorter. The reports may reveal certain information which a potential caregiver did not give you during other parts of the screening process.

If you are using a placement agency, it is important to know that the agencies vary in their background-checking procedures. Most placement agencies generally have two ways of checking the background of a caregiver. Some agencies will contract with the same background-check agencies that you can hire independently and will include the fee for the check in the placement fee. The second way a majority of placement agencies check backgrounds is through extensive reference checking accompanied by a letter of good conduct. A letter of good conduct generally comes from the local police department in the place(s) the caregiver has lived and certifies that her criminal record in that jurisdiction is clear of any convicted misdemeanors and/or felonies.

If you are interested in conducting a background check, a consultant at the program that sent you this booklet can provide additional information and a list of background-check agencies.

When you interview caregivers:

Ask questions that will give you information about their motivation, work history, work habits, and personality.

Use the following list only as a guide. Don't feel you need to ask all the questions listed.

Think about what is important to you, as well as what is appropriate to the person you are interviewing. Feel free to add questions of your own.

Remember, open-ended questions will give you more information about the caregiver than questions that can be answered with a "yes" or "no."

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Criminal Records

Criminal Records

Employees are an integral part of a companys business. And this is why before hiring an individual for a job position companies deem it important to conduct a thorough background check on that person, which includes his personal history, criminal records, past employment, and the like.

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