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If your caregiver is from another area, collect maps of your town or city showing surrounding areas and public transportation routes. Your local Chamber of Commerce or Visitor's Bureau may be able to provide a new resident packet that contains brochures and maps of the local area, information about interesting places to visit, and, if you request it, information about religious organizations and local recreation areas. This information will be very useful for a caregiver who is relocating to work with your family.

No matter where she lives now, send your caregiver a letter about and a picture of your family, house, and other people or places relevant to your life. Many families make family videos to send to their future caregivers. If your children like to draw, you may also want to encourage them to create drawings to send to the caregiver or to decorate her room with them. Encourage your caregiver to send a picture of herself which you can put up where the children can see it. This will help your children feel more familiar with and comfortable about the caregiver, even before she begins her job.

Create a list of emergency and important phone numbers and post it by all the telephones. Make an extra copy for the caregiver to carry with her at all times.

Prepare a medical release form for each of your children so your caregiver can also have emergency medical information with her at all times. You'll find a sample medical release form on page 66.

You may also want to create a list of places the children like to go. Include information about the activities they enjoy that are provided at these places - for instance, the library and the times and days of the story hours.

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