Whats Wrong With Your Current Response

Think of the last time your kid displayed this attitude.What did you do? For instance, did you ignore it? Chastise or scold him? Confirm he was right? Criticize him? Tell him jealousy is "a sin"? Dismiss his feelings? Tell him "not to worry"? Humiliate him publicly? Agree with him? Is this how you typically respond to your child's jealousy?

And might you be doing anything to fuel this attitude? For instance, do you compare his grades to those of the kid next door? Spend time acknowledging your nephew's sports talents? Praise another child for being so thin? Push your kid to try playing that instrument because his brother excelled at it? Might you be responding in a way that is causing your kid to wish he were more like someone else?

What response have you learned does not succeed in stopping your kid's jealousy? Write down the one response you will never do again.

I will not_

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