Whats Wrong With Your Current Response

Next, reflect as to how you typically respond to your child's meanness. It will help you pinpoint what works and does not work in dealing with this attitude.Try to recall the last time your kid was cruel.What did you do or say? Think about the little things you did that are easy to overlook.What tone of voice did you use? Was it critical, sarcastic, judgmental, neutral, or yelling? What did your body language look like? Your facial expressions? What did you say? How did the episode begin, and how did it end? Now put yourself in your kid's shoes. How would she say you responded? For instance, what would she say helped stop her attitude or aggravated the episode?

Does your kid use this attitude with other adults? Do they respond any differently than you do? Does their response work any better than yours in stopping it? Is there one thing you've noticed that you or anyone else does that works to curb your kid's mean attitude? What response does not stop it or is almost guaranteed to make your kid's mean streak flare up? For example, did you try spanking? Yelling? Were you cruel to her in return? Write the one thing you will not do the next time your kid uses this attitude.

I will not_

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