Whats Wrong With Your Current Response

How do you typically react to your kid's bossiness? Do you boss him back, yell at him, avoid the whole issue, complain, ground him, or prohibit his friends from coming over? What part of the response is not working so your kid continues to flaunt his domineering attitude? Is it your voice tone? Inconsistently dealing with the attitude? Ignoring his bossy ways? Yelling at him? What responses do not curb this bad attitude? Why do you think that your response has not been effective in changing your kid's domineering ways?

Is it possible that you or others might be encouraging his bossiness? For instance, might someone (parent, teacher, sibling, peer, relative, caregiver, coach, or yourself) be intentionally or unintentionally reinforcing the attitude by labeling it assertive, independent, confident, outgoing, or a leadership capability? Tune into your own behavior to make sure you are not reinforcing it in any way.

Also, are you sure your kid is quite clear that you—and other caregivers—do not approve of his attitude and why you do not approve? What have you said to make sure he understands your displeasure? How could you be clearer?

List below the one response you will never try again when your kid has a domineering attitude:

I will not_

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