The First Days

Turn your whole family around. Launch an Anti-Laziness Campaign before this bad attitude starts to dominate every aspect of your household life. Laziness can become habit forming before you know it. First, identify two or three crucial areas needing improvement. Is everyone in your family getting fat from eating too much junk food? Is everyone becoming sluggish from a lack of exercise? Is your house such a mess you're praying for no visitors? Are you watching too much TV? Has your family stopped going to church, taking family hikes, or eating dinner together?

Pick one of these problems and replace your current passive approach with a proactive day-by-day campaign. For instance, institute a daily exercise routine; put a moratorium on TV (or at least set a maximum viewing time per day); plan a big neighborhood party so you have to clean up the house and yard; start saying a blessing before every meal.The important thing is to be aggressive about sticking to whatever routine you've chosen and make sure everyone is on board.

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