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To reduce your child's quick temper, take the following steps. Step 1. Convey Your Attitude Expectations

Begin by firmly conveying that flaunting quick tempers will no longer be tolerated. Tell your child that while it's normal to be angry from time to time, he may not use a yelling voice, hurtful words, a tantrum, or fists to express his feelings. Then convey your "calmer policy" expectations to all family members. Consider asking them to take a "no yelling" vow.The pledge is written on a piece of paper, signed by all members, and posted as a concrete reminder.

Once everyone is clear on your attitude expectations, absolutely refUse to engage with a quick-tempered kid who yells, hits, or has a tirade. Firmly (and calmly) explain: "That's yelling. I only listen when you use a calm voice." Or "I understand you're upset, but you need to control your temper before I will listen."Then walk away and go about your business until your kid acts correctly. If you have to lock yourself in the bathroom, do so. He needs to know you mean business, so be consistent.

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