Step Use a Consequence When Inappropriate Temper Displays Persists

What do you do if your kid continues displaying a quick, inappropriate temper? First, stay cool yourself; then it's time for consequences. Make sure you explain the consequence at a relaxed timeā€”not during a screaming match. It must be enforced each time your kid displays his bad-tempered attitude.

Tell a younger kid that each time he displays that quick temper inappropriately (such as yelling, hitting, biting, or a tantrum), he will be sent to time-out (or the "calm-down chair") for a few minutes to help him remember how to control his temper. Just remember that time starts after your child gets himself in control.

An appropriate consequence for older kids might be losing a desired privilege such as the telephone or television for a set length (an hour or the evening, depending on the circumstances). Once you set the consequence, then use the same consequence every time.Your kid needs to know you are serious about helping him alter his quick-tempered attitude.

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