Step Teach How to Make Responsible Decisions

A large part of being responsible is making good decisions. Kids toting irresponsible attitudes frequently don't own up to their poor choices, blame someone else for the outcome, or expect to be rescued. If those traits describe your kid, teaching decision-making skills should be a big part of his attitude makeover. Here are a few techniques:

• Ask if-then questions. To help narrow choices and think about possible outcomes, teach your kid to ask himself after each selection,"If I do that now, will I still feel okay about it tomorrow?""What about next week?"Teach one decision-making rule: "Eliminate any choice that you may regret later."

• Be a fortune-teller. Tell a younger kid to pretend to be a fortune-teller: "How will I feel tomorrow if I chose that today?"

• Weigh pros and cons. To help an older child weigh the pros and cons of each possibility, have him ask himself:"What are all the good and bad things that might happen if I chose that?"

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