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All kids are bound to make occasional biased comments, state narrow-minded opinions, or repeat discriminatory jokes. How you react has a lot to do with whether they will try to again.You also send your kids a clear message about your own attitudes. So if or when you hear a biased statement, do express your displeasure: "That's a biased comment, and I don't want to hear it." Your child needs to hear your discomfort so that she understands your values.You also model a response she could imitate if prejudicial, narrow-minded statements are made in her presence. Here are two others:

"I know you think Eminem is a great musician, but I strongly object to how disrespectfully he refers to women. It's hurtful and incorrect." "I was very uncomfortable when Uncle Jake was talking about how absurd it was for a Latino to become president.That is such a narrow-minded view."

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