Step Stretch Your Kids Patience Little by Little

The most important goal for changing this attitude is to stretch your kid's patience so he can wait for longer and longer periods of time.The first part of this is to help her calm down in the moment. Here are some tips:

• Freeze. In a very calm voice, say: "Freeze and don't move until you can get yourself in control."

• Hold your breath. Tell your kid not to breathe as long as possible and then take a few long, deep breathes together.

• Count. Join your child in slowly going from 1 to 100 (or less with a younger tyke).

• Sing. For a young child, ask him to pick his favorite tune such as "Frere Jacques" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

• Stretch. For older children, show them how to relax the tension in their neck or upper back by pretending they're a scarecrow or leaf falling slowly to the ground.

Once your impatient kid has learned to temper his nervous energy and desires, help him stretch the amount of time he can wait little by little. Start by timing how long your kid can wait. If he can hold still for only one minute, don't make him stand there for ten. Take that shorter time as his normal patience level, and then gradually increase his waiting time as his patience improves. If he is also impatient in other areas, such as homework time or doing chores, do the same thing. For instance, time how long your kid can generally stay in his seat when he is doing his homework. If he can hold still for only five minutes, don't make him stay there for twenty.Take that time as his normal work session, and plan breaks at necessary intervals so he can finish his work in appropriate segments. Don't expect this to happen overnight; it won't. But your kid's patience will grow if you stick to this goal.

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