Step Set a Moratorium on Bad Mannered Attitudes and Correct Impoliteness Immediately

The first step to changing a rude attitude is simply to refuse to allow it. Keep in mind that your child is using this attitude because it works, so let him know in no uncertain terms that it will no longer be effective. Call any rude behavior each time you see it: "That's rude! I don't listen to rude talk." Then expect your kid to apologize immediately. Do not answer or give in if he is rude. Feel free to turn and walk away until he is polite: "I'm in the kitchen.When you can talk to me politely, come join me."

Sometimes kids may use an impolite comment and not realize they are being rude.This is especially true with younger kids. In this case, immediately correct the rude behavior, so he understands what he did that was impolite.The best corrections have three characteristics:

1. They are brief.

2. They are specific enough, so the child knows exactly what he did that was impolite.

3. They are instructive, so the child knows what to do to correct his impolite behavior.

Here are some examples of how to use the three parts:

"Starting your dinner without waiting first for Grandma to sit down was impolite. Next time please wait for her to sit and be served."

"Interrupting my conversation with Mom was impolite. Next time, please wait until you see I'm done or say, 'Excuse me, may I say something?'" "That was impolite! Next time, remember to say 'pardon me' when you walk in front of someone."

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