Step Reinforce Collaboration

One of the simplest ways to boost any attitude is by "catching" your child acting right, so watch for your kid's efforts to be more agreeable and supportive of his peers, and then be sure to reinforce his actions. Remember to explain what he did right, so he'll be more likely to repeat the attitude:

"I noticed you listened to your friend's idea this time and played baseball. I know you wanted to play video games, but you can't always do what you want." "I heard you ask Roberto what movie he wanted to watch."

Comments like these will slowly help squelch her domineering attitude, replacing it with more thoughtful behaviors.

If your kid continues to dominate others, it's time to set a consequence. One way is not allowing him to play with the kid he dominates until he can temper his dictatorial ways: "Unless you can be more cooperative and less bossy, you will not be able to have Jimmy come over. Let's work on how you can treat him more nicely so he can come over." It sometimes takes a more serious jolt until your kid understands you mean business.

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