Step Refuse to Engage with a Fresh Mouthed Attitude

Kids are much more likely to stop using fresh, sassy attitudes and bad language if they find they don't work in getting what they want.Whenever your kid lays a fresh attitude on you, flat out refuse to respond until he is respectful. And do so every time he acts fresh. The best response to a fresh kid is to turn and walk away calmly. No, you're not abandoning your kid; you're letting him know you expect respect and won't deal with him until he acts respectfully. Usually when kids see that you are serious and will not going to give in, they stop.

Beware: Be careful that you don't send any nonverbal messages to your kid. For instance, don't sigh, roll your eyes, shrug your shoulders, or look exasperated. Doing so is tech nically "responding." Remember that some kids actually enjoy seeing you ticked off, so don't give your child the pleasure. Here are a few examples of how to respond:

"Stop.That's being fresh.When you have a respectful attitude, you can find me in the kitchen." "I can't understand that sassy voice. I listen only to nice voices."

"We'll talk when you can listen respectfully without rolling your eyes and smirking."

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