Step Praise Courteous Actions

Reinforce your child's courteous behaviors, and let her know how pleased it makes you feel. Describe exactly what your child did right, so your child is more likely to repeat the virtuous behavior—for example:

"I noticed how you remembered to use such polite words as 'Please' and 'Thank you' when we were visiting Mrs. Walker. It makes me happy to know how well mannered you can be."

"Thank you for waiting until everyone was served before you began to eat.That was being polite."

Do also help your kid recognize that courteous, kind acts—even small ones—can make a big impression on other people. Point them out to help your child see the impact his actions made:

"Greg, holding the door open for Grandma was so polite. Did you see how pleased she was?" "Wow, nice manners! Did you notice the smile on your coach's face when you thanked her for taking the time to help you train?"

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