Step Point Out the Virtue of Courtesy

The next step to boosting courtesy and squelching a rude attitude is to make sure your child clearly recognizes why manners are important. Once kids understand the impact good manners have on others, they're more likely to incorporate courtesy in their own behavior.You might say:

"Using good manners helps you gain the respect of others. People remember how others act and whether they were polite. It's a great way to build a good reputation." "Being polite is a great way to meet new friends. People like to be around others who are nice to be with." "Courtesy is one way to make the world a nicer place. Just think how much better the world would be if everyone was polite and kind to one another." "When people are polite and civil to one another, they are happier and feel more comfortable.You just can't help but react positively to people who are polite and courteous."

Parenting Teens Special Report

Parenting Teens Special Report

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