Step Make Your Kid Waitand Dont Give In

The first step to changing your kid's impatient attitude is simply to make him wait. Don't give in to his whims, don't stop your conversation to answer his unnecessary questions, and don't feel sorry for him because he didn't get what he wants just when he wanted it. Not only is it a big part of growing up, but researchers find that patient kids have an advantage in life. Scientific studies have actually proven that patience is crucial for all of us to get what we want and need in life. It helps achieve goals, resolve conflicts, and just plain enjoy life, moment by moment.

Research by Walter Mischel, a psychologist at Stanford University, confirmed just how beneficial patience is by challenging a group of four year olds: Did they want a marshmal-low immediately, or could they wait a few minutes until a researcher returned, at which point they could have two marshmallows? The researchers then followed up on the kids upon their high school graduation and found that those who had been able to wait for those marshmallows years before at age four now were far more socially competent: they were found to be more personally effective, self-assertive, and better able to deal with the frustrations of life.The one-third who waited longest also had significantly higher SAT scores by an average of two hundred points on the total verbal and math scores combined than the teens who at age four couldn't wait. Make your kids wait a bit and learn to be patient. Ignore their protests and tirades; in the end, you're doing them a favor.

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