Step Look for the Positive

Begin your kid's attitude makeover by stressing an optimistic outlook in your home so she sees the good parts of life instead ofjust the downside. A good first step is to monitor what your kid watches and reads.After all, a constant onslaught of gloomy news can have an impact on a kid's outlook. Focus instead on the good news happening in the world and share what you learn. Here are a few ways to look for the positive as a family:

• Start Good News Reports. Consider starting your dinner with a Good News Report in which each member reports something good that happened during the day.

• Share optimistic stories. The world is filled with examples of individuals who suffered enormous obstacles but didn't cave into pessimistic thinking. Instead, they remained optimistic, and kept at their dreams until they succeeded. So look for examples to share with your kids. Here are a few: Beethoven's music teacher told him he was hopeless as a composer; author Louisa May Alcott was told by countless publishers that no one would ever read Little Women; Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team;Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor for lacking great ideas. He went bankrupt and had nervous breakdowns.

• Institute goodness reviews. Start a nighttime tradition of reviewing with your child the good parts about her day. Be sure to share your highlights as well. This is a precious way to spend the last waking hours with your kid, as well as instilling in her a habit of looking for the good in life.

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