Step If the Attitude Continues Set a Consequence

Your kid needs to know you are serious about eradicating his rude attitude, so be prepared to enforce a consequence if the attitude continues. If the same rude attitude persists, you might try requiring your kid to repeat the correct polite behavior ten times in a row on the spot, or say or even write a sincere apology note to the offended party. For especially offensive discourtesy, increase the stakes by forbidding your child to attend social gatherings for an appropriate period of time.

One mom told me she has a consequence for rude attitudes that she rarely has to use more than once. She enforces an effective discipline called "Overcorrection."When her daughter displays a specific bad-mannered attitude, she requires her to rehearse the correct manner over and over until she gets it right. The child must give up any social plans and remain home where she practices whatever etiquette rules she broke. For example, if her child demonstrates poor table manners, she requires her to set the table and practice the proper use of utensils. She wasn't excused until she could demonstrate how to use each item correctly.The mom said the etiquette session was so successful she hasn't had to offer a repeat lesson.

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