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Explain to your child that we all have our own little signs that warn us our tempers are ready to blow and that we should listen to them because they can help us stay out of trouble.

Next, help your child recognize her specific warning signs that she's starting to get upset—for example, talking louder, flushed cheeks, clenched fists, pounding heart, drier mouth, or faster breathing. Once she is aware of her signs, point them out to her when she first starts to get frustrated and before she loses her temper: "Looks like you're starting to get out of control.""Your hands are in a fist now. Do you feel yourself starting to get upset?"

The more we help our kids recognize those early warning signs when their temper is triggered—usually when they first show signs of tension and stress—the better able they will be to calm themselves and learn to regulate their tempers.

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