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Here are some typical reasons that your child may be so demanding. Check off the ones that might apply to your situation.

□ He may need more attention. Have you been distracted by work or other issues in your life? Have you been avoiding him because he's so difficult?

□ He may be jealous. Do you favor a sibling, or does he feel you do? Are there other relationships that interfere?

□ He may feel certain possessions are absolutely necessary to maintain his status among his peers.

□ He may feel entitled to have everything he wants, including your attention. Have you spoiled him by constantly giving in to past demands?

□ He may not know how to ask for something necessary in a reasonable way. Have you taught him a courteous and diplomatic way to express his needs?

□ He may feel that no one ever listens to him and the only way he can get your attention is by nagging and whining for stuff. Could this be the case?

Identifying the specific source of your kid's demanding attitude will help greatly in turning it around.

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