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Be sure that your couch potato isn't suffering from some kind of illness or chronic fatigue.When was the last time you took him to the pediatrician for a checkup and blood work? And could this lazy attitude be part of a mood swing? Think if anything distressing has happened lately to cause your kid to be distracted or withdrawn. Could this be normal adolescent development, or could his hormones be acting up? Has there been any unusual pressure or stress on him lately? Have you moved? Is he at a new school? Has he been harassed by a bully? Are his classmates overly competitive? Is he over-scheduled? What about a change at home: a divorce, death, or illness? Is he depressed? Did you know that adolescent depression has increased 1,000 percent in the past three decades? Could your older kid be experimenting with drugs or drinking, which leaves him tired and debilitated? You may discover that your child's lazy attitude is not simply irresponsible or selfish but rather the result of a deeper underlying issue.

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Single Parenting Becoming the Best Parent For Your Child

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