Step Emphasize the Long Term Consequences of Cheating

Talk to your kid about cheating and the negative results of cheating and dishonesty. Here are a few important points to cover:

• Cheating can get you in serious trouble: probation, expulsion, suspension, or even criminal penalties like fines, tickets, and incarceration.

• People won't trust you, and you get a bad reputation. No one will want to be your friend or do business with you.

• It can become a habit, and you can reach the point where you feel you can't do anything without cheating both among your friends and in school.

• It hurts other people and isn't fair to other students or people who play fair and stick to the rules.

• If you get away with cheating, you find yourself in a situation where you are completely unqualified and unable to handle.You're not only over your head, but you'll also know in your heart you're a fraud.

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