Step Emphasize Prioritizing

Some kids are overwhelmed with tasks because it seems that they will never be able to complete them. "There's too much work on the page.""How can I do all this at once?" So help them to break up the task into more manageable pieces. Here are a few possibilities:

• Divide your child's homework into smaller pieces, and tell her to do "one chunk at a time." She could even take a short break after completing each chunk. Chunking assignments is often helpful for kids who have difficulty sticking to a task, have shorter attention spans, or are overly concerned with making sure "everything's right!"

• Increase the size of each chunk after your child has completed a few assignments successfully.

• Older children can start a calendar daily, weekly, or monthly, and parcel out tasks as to when they need to be completed.

• Help your child create a list of things to do numbered in order of importance.An older child should be taught to update the list on a regular basis.A young child can draw reminders of a few tasks that need to be done daily.

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