Step Demand Courtesy

Many kids have learned to be demanding because they don't know how to state their needs any other way. Their voice tones are usually loud, whining, or irritating. Teach a more acceptable tone to use. Please don't assume your kid knows what a nice tone sounds like: show him.Then have him practice the new tone by repeating it back to you. A courteous, less demanding way to make a request is by using "Please," "Pardon me," and "Excuse me." Teach them to your kid, and then model, practice, and reinforce them over and over until he incorporates them into his daily behavior. Also show your appreciation whenever your kid remembers to use those courteous words, and correct him immediately when he forgets. Point out also that repeated "excuse me's" are another way of being demanding. Here are some examples:

"That voice is demanding and rude. Listen to how a nice voice sounds when I want something. Then you make your voice sound like mine." "No, before you interrupt anyone you say,'Excuse me.'Try your request again, please." "John, we agreed that I do not listen to impolite people. How can you ask in a nicer way?"

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