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One of the best ways kids incorporate gratitude is by establishing family rituals in which everyday blessings are acknowledged and not overlooked. Here are examples for gratitude some families have adopted:

• For young kids, make a game of saying "Thank You ABCs" anytime and anyplace.You and your kids say the alphabet together, but for each letter, also try to include something you are grateful for. It goes something like this: A, Aunt Helen; B, my brother; C, my cat; and so on. Families with small kids rarely get beyond H, but the point is that you're having fun together, and your kids are also learning to be appreciative.

• Say a prayer of thanks as a family before meals.

• With an after-meal "gratitude share," each person reveals one thing he or she is grateful for that happened during the day and why.

• As a bedtime ritual, you and your child exchange messages of appreciation for one another followed by a goodnight hug and kiss.

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