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Kids aren't born intolerant, biased, narrow-minded, bigoted, and prejudiced.They learn those lethal attitudes, and one of the places they learn them best is right underneath our own noses: from us! The first step to tempering your kid's narrow-minded ways is by realizing your own biases. Here are a few assumptions that can be so deeply seated that you may not be aware they are there. But our kids sure are! And chances are that you are communicating those attitudes to your child. Check ones that apply to you:

□ Wealth. Because you work hard, you're entitled to certain privileges.

□ Education. You can be educated only if you go to col-lege.You can get a good education only at an Ivy League school.

□ Sexual orientation. Homosexuality is a choice. Gays will go to hell.

□ Race and culture. The Chinese are sneaky. Asian kids are all great students. All blacks have rhythm. All Jews are rich. Latinos make great lovers. Italians are all members of the Mafia. All the Irish do is drink.

□ Politics. My party, right or wrong. All Democrats do is tax and spend. Republicans always favor the rich.

□ Sex roles. Women should be seen and not heard. Blondes are dumb.Women will claw their way to the top. Men are superior. Football players are stupid. Boys who don't play sports are wimpy.

□ Groups. Police officers are racists. The homeless could get jobs if they tried.

□ Age. The elderly are all senile. Teens care only about themselves.

Once you discover which narrow-minded views you may be spreading to your kid (and usually quite unconsciously), make a conscious effort to temper them so that they don't become your child's prejudices.

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