Step Challenge the Judgment

If your child has a consistently judgmental attitude, you may be able to temper it by confronting the content of what he's saying. Every time he makes a sweeping carte blanche judgmental statement, challenge him to prove it. At first (or with younger kids) you'll have to guide him through the process. But once he understands he must prove what he says, he'll start speaking less judgmentally.

Stage 1

Kid: All jocks are stupid.

Parent: The facts show that a number of athletes in many sports are downright brilliant.

Stage 2

Kid: Kevin is really a wimp.

Parent: So give me an instance when he's not. I can think of a few.

Kid: Okay, he swims ten laps a day. Stage 3

Kid: I hate hip-hop music.Wait a minute, I actually like a lot of it.There's good hip-hop and bad, but the last one I bought really sucks.

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