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Calmly announce your zero tolerance for fresh behavior and language to your kid. Make sure it is a relaxed, uninterrupted time, and then clarify your new policy in a firm, serious tone. This is no time for discussion, negotiation, or compromise. In fact, the whole discussion should be brief. Just express why his fresh attitude will no longer be tolerated: you might explain your family's code of values and your personal beliefs and how a fresh attitude goes against those values. Also let your child know that if his attitude continues, there will be a consequence. Here are a few ways to explain your new standards:

"Please don't use a whiny baby voice when you want something to eat. In this family, we always ask for things respectfully." "Four-letter words are forbidden in this family." "I notice that when I talk to you, you roll your eyes. That's disrespectful, and you must stop right away." "Telling me to 'get a life' when I am talking to you is rude. You may not talk that way."

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