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Arrogant kids often focus on their own strengths and overlook those of others, so a big part of tempering your kid's arrogance is to help him recognize the accomplishments and achievements of others. Here are a few strategies to help your child start looking for the greatness in others and acknowledge it:

• Greet others. The most basic form of acknowledgment is a simple "Hello,""Good morning," or "How are you?" Promote their use by your child. Though they seem like such minimal gestures, simple salutations are the first steps toward helping kids become more tuned into others and less tuned into themselves.

• Encourage encouragement. Tell your child that one of the secrets of people who are appreciated (as well as liked) by others is that they frequently encourage others.An arrogant kid may not be aware of supportive, encouraging statements that focus on building others up (instead of themselves), so brainstorm a few together: "Nice try!""Super!""Great job!" "Good game!" You might even post a list as a reminder.Then say the encouragers frequently so your child will "catch them" and then encourage her to start using them with peers. • Enforce the 1 X 7 Rule. Encourage your child to praise a person's specific strengths, skills, or talent at least once a day, every day for a week. It could be a family member, friend, or stranger just as long as your child practices the art of praising someone other than herself. Be sure to help your kid recognize the kinds of traits that can be praised, so model a few examples: "Great kick!" "You're quite an artist.""You sure know a lot about history!"At the end of the day, ask your child who she praised and how the recipient responded. Hint: This is also a great activity to do as a family: because everyone is on board using the same 1 X 7 Rule, there are more examples for your child to learn from.

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