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There's no way you can be completely objective about your own attitudes and how they influence your role as parent. One of the best ways to get a clear view of yourself is to imagine yourself in the shoes of your family and friends and ask yourself how they would characterize your parenting style.Which bad attitude types below would your friends and family say are sometimes typical of you as a parent?

□ Dictator. "I expect things to be done this way. So do it."

□ Compromiser. "Well, let me hear what you think; then maybe we can work something out."

□ Low expectations. "I really don't care.Whatever you do is fine."

□ Wishy-washy. "I really wish you wouldn't do this. Oh ... go ahead."

□ Protector. "I'm calling up that kid's parent and telling him to make him stop elbowing you under the net."

□ Egocentric. "Not now. I don't have time."

□ Buck-passer. "It's your father's [or mother's] rule. Wait until I tell him [her] you wouldn't obey."

□ Nonenforcer. "I know it's the rule. I changed my mind."

□ Blamer. "You have your father's [mother's] genes."

□ Guilt-ridden. "I've been gone so much, no wonder you're so defiant. It's all my fault."

□ Briber. "If you do what I ask, I'll give you "

□ Stressed. "Listen, I just got home.Talk me to later or maybe never."

□ Rescuer. "I'll pick up the pieces, Honey. I know how hard this is for you."

□ Expert. "I've read all the parenting books, so listen to me."

□ Therapist. "You look so upset.Tell me how you're feeling."

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