Facing Your Own Bad Attitudes

Kids are not born demanding and inconsiderate, so where is your kid learning this behavior? From siblings? Friends? Neighbors? Relatives? Could it be from you or your partner? Tune into the behavior of those close to your kid, and watch for clues. It may help you discover the source.

Now take a close look at your own behavior: Could your kid be learning this attitude from you? For instance, do you insist things go your way at home? Do you tell your kids what you want them to do and expect them to agree? How is your relationship with your spouse? Do you listen, negotiate, and compromise, or are you more confrontational and dictatorial? Do you listen to your kids, or just expect them to comply with the way you want things to go? Would your colleagues and friends say you are more easy-going or more demanding? Just what kind of example are you sending your kid?

What is the first step you need to take in changing yourself so you can be a better example to your sons or daughters and deal with their demanding behavior? Write down changes you need to make.

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