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Being selfish, spoiled, or insensitive, a victim of the Big Brat Factor, a member of the bad attitude generation is not just your kid's problem. This crisis is a big crisis for you and your entire family. To help your child change, you need to step back and look at the big picture, and the place to start is by taking a good, honest look in the mirror.

You are the most enormous influence on your kid's attitude. Before you start planning how to change your kid's attitude, take a serious look at your own. Here are a few reasons you may be allowing your kid's bad attitude to continue.They will be the basis of perhaps the most difficult but important makeover: the one you do on yourself. Check the ones that might apply to you.

□ I just don't seem to have the time or energy to deal with his bad attitude.

□ I never saw her attitude as a problem. I assumed it was just a phase or would just go away.

□ I really doubt I can change my kid's attitude. It's her natural temperament.

□ I want to raise my child differently from how I was raised. I'm compensating for what my parents didn't give me.

□ My child has had some tough breaks, and I'm just trying to make things easier for her.

□ My schedule takes me away from my family a lot.This is my way of making up for not being there for my kids.

□ Everyone else gives their kids luxuries.Why should I be any different?

□ I'm afraid that if I change my kid's attitude, I might crush his spirit.

□ I'm trying to be a friend to my kids. I think that's a big part of raising children.

□ I want my child to be happy and have a happy childhood. Always being on his case for his attitude isn't going to help create that image.

□ I'm afraid to say no to my child. He might not love or approve of me.

□ I'm tired and stressed a lot and take it out on my kids. This is my way of making up for not being the kind of parent I'd hoped to be.

□ I don't believe in punishment.

□ Trying to change her attitude might dampen her self-esteem.

These types of hidden attitudes may interfere with your effectiveness as a parent and may influence your children in a negative way.

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