Emergency Attitude

Stop immediately doing anything that compensates for your child's irresponsibility. Do not write one more cover-up note to your child's teacher. Do not do put out the garbage when your kid conveniently disappears. Do not take your kid's overdue library book and pay the fine. Do not go back and get your kid's forgotten soccer shoes for the umpteenth time. Instead, make your kid take the consequences of his irresponsible attitude. Remember that your role is guider, not doer, and that single tweak will do much to change your child's bad attitude.

Any of these sound familiar? "I forgot.""Take care of this for me.""It wasn't my fault.""I did some of it, but I left it on the bus.""I don't know where I put it." They are statements of irresponsible, spoiled kids and part of the Big Brat Factor. And are they ever good at finding excuses for their carelessness! Denying, excusing, blaming, rationalizing, and accusing are just a few strategies these kids use to justify their conduct.

Kids with an irresponsible attitude rarely stop to consider how their actions affect others, and so their attitude is selfish. The world revolves around them, so someone else will—and should in their minds—do their jobs, wake them up, find their toys, and replace items they "misplaced." If they do err, they usually never admit their mistakes, apologize, or take ownership.After all, "It's someone else's fault." In fact, usually everyone but them is responsible for their irresponsibility. If this attitude isn't turned around, it will dramatically affect every area in their present and future lives: academic, moral, professional, and social.The replacement attitudes of responsibility, trustworthiness, and reliability are essential for our kids' moral character and future well-being. So let's get started!

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