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Be lazy yourself, and see how your kid likes it. Most kids don't have the foggiest idea of how exhausting it is when you have to do for them what they've been too lazy to do for themselves. Go further: stop doing what they ordinarily expect. See how they feel when you don't do their laundry, make their beds, pick up their toys, clean their bathrooms. Once they understand that everyone has a job to do and there are consequences if they are not done and done well, they will have taken the first step in changing their lazy ways.

"If only he'd apply himself!""She always takes the easy way out.""I've never seen anybody so good at wasting time!" If you've had any of those thoughts about your kid, you may have the makings of a spoiled, brat "work-a-phobic" on your hands. Rest assured, you are not alone: the ailment is spreading. Lazy kids want to take the easy road, and so they take shortcuts, put out minimum effort, and certainly don't work up to their potential. The end result is always predictable for anyone affected with the disease: their feelings of accomplishment are greatly undermined, and their character is diminished.

Often laziness is just a symptom or strongly related to other bad attitudes like irresponsibility, insensitivity, and self-centeredness. It may also be a result of avoiding the pain of failure or depression or some long-term or recent trauma. Or it could be you're putting so much pressure on your kid that he's stressed out about meeting your expectations and may not have the necessary skills or natural talent to fulfill your goals. In some cases, kids who appear to be lazy are in fact suffering from a lingering, low-level chronic illness. Be sure to have your child's health evaluated.

Do keep in mind that willfully lazy kids shortchange not just themselves but others as well. Because they don't do their fair share, fail to get their jobs done, or just plain expect someone else to do their work for them, their attitude is selfish. Don't think for a second that lazy kids stop to consider how their attitude affects others. My best advice is to curb this attitude and do so quickly! Being labeled lazy is deadly to any kid's reputation. Need proof? Would you hire a lazy kid as an employee, pick one for your team, or choose her as a friend? Exactly! What everyone wants is an individual who is industrious, perseverant, and productive. So get busy with this makeover.

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