Emergency Attitude

Don't give in.Any time your child nags, makes an unreasonable request, or demands you do something, stop the conversation immediately. State in no uncertain terms that you will not tolerate this bad attitude. Demand courtesy, schedule an appointment for a reasonable discussion of the request at a later time, and walk away. Once your kid knows you mean business, you'll have taken a great leap forward in changing this bad attitude.

Demanding kids want things to go their way, and they want it now. And can these spoiled little critters wear you out! They make it difficult not only for their parents but also for the healthy growth of their own character.That's because demanding kids consider and act only on their own wants, feelings, and desires and don't learn to understand the other person's perspective or stop to consider the feelings of others.

There may be many reasons that your kid is so demanding. He may feel short-changed because you're not spending enough time and energy with him. He may be jealous of the attention you're spending with your partner, at work, or with a sibling. He may be feeling deprived due to a lack of financial resources or especially needy because of setbacks or problems at school. He also may not know a tactful, diplomatic way of expressing his needs or has to resort to nagging because no one ever listens to him. If you listen carefully, in fact, you may realize that when he's demanding material things, he may really be asking for your love. Or you may have just plain spoiled your kid by constantly giving in to his demands. So why should he change his ways? It works.

Keep in mind that kids with this bad attitude have one objective: to have their needs and issues met. Our biggest mistake is giving in. Sure, it's easier, but if we continue this pattern, our kids will turn into overindulged, selfish, demanding adults concerned only about their own needs and feelings. That's why we have to tame their attitude now, so the really essential character traits of tact, tranquility, and consideration will have room to grow.

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