I always ask myself the following questions.

Why. Why does your kid have this attitude? What is fueling his impatience? Are you an above-average impatient person? Is he used to getting his way instantly? Does he see others get what they need immediately so he wants it as well? Here's another possibility: Is your kid impatient because he's frustrated, fears failure, is anxious or stressed? Get in your kid's shoes in the specific situation where he is most likely to show impatience. Pretend you're him.Why is he impatient? Don't overlook that impatience can also be a sign of frustration, fear of failure, or inability to focus on one thing for any length of time.What about stress? Might your kid's schedule be so overloaded that he literally doesn't have time to relax, be patient, and decompress?

What. Are there particular issues or things he usually is more impatient about? Are they about wanting stuff or needing more attention and privileges? Or is it about not doing a particular subject, chore, or assignment?

Who. Does he display the same impatient behavior to everyone? Are there some individuals he does not use his impatient ways on? If so, who? Why are they spared? Does he respond any differently to those who are more patient and relaxed toward him? If so, who?

When. Is there a particular hour in the day, day of the week, or even month when he is more impatient? Is there a reason? For instance, is he concerned about getting into trouble, wanting to meet his friends, missing a TV show? Does she tend to be more impatient when she is tired, hungry, or stressed? Does he always seem to need the same routine and schedule?

Where. Are there certain places he is more likely to be impatient (at school, at the dinner table, in the car pool, at violin practice)? Why?

Review your answers. Talk to others who know your child well. Do you have any better understanding of her impatient attitude and where it's coming from?

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