Bad Attitude News Alert

• A national survey reveals that more than two-thirds of school police officers say younger children are acting more aggressively.

• Three-quarters of Minnesota kids surveyed by Mind-Works agreed that today's kids are materially spoiled and generally irresponsible.

• A poll of twelve to seventeen year olds conducted by the Center for a New American Dream, a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible consumption, showed that the average kid nags nine times to get a product his parents refuse to purchase; about half the parents finally give in.

• Nearly two out of three parents surveyed by a TIME/CNN poll said their kids measure self-worth more by possessions than their parents did at the same age.

• Eighty-five percent of respondents in a recent AOL Time Warner poll said kids in America are spoiled.

• Nine out of ten Americans felt the breakdown of common courtesy has become a serious problem in this country, a major contributor to the increase in violence, and an important factor in the breakdown of our values in this country.

• Only 12 percent of the two thousand adults polled felt that kids commonly treat others with respect; most described them as "rude," "irresponsible," and "lacking in discipline."

• Eighty percent of people think kids today are more spoiled than kids of ten or fifteen years ago.What's more, two-thirds of parents admit that their own kids are spoiled. • And it isn't getting any better.

although there is one factor that clearly is the greatest predictor for getting this disease: kids were allowed to develop the bad attitude without opposition, and because there was no resistance or reaction, these bad attitudes flourished and grew.

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