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E.W Swihart Jr., a pediatrician and professor of pediatrics at the University of Minnesota, and Patrick Cotter, a pediatric psychologist, authors of The Manipulative Child, share the belief that highly manipulative kids inevitably develop poor self-esteem.What's more, these kids are prime candidates for developing other social maladies, such as eating disorders, substance abuse, and suicide. Two decades of observations of their young clients and their parents have also led these experts to conclude that the central cause of these kids' manipulative attitudes is their well-meaning, successful, well-read, motivated parents who have raised their kids to learn to adapt to life in a dependent fashion by getting their way through manipulation.They contend that's because parents today are afraid to take charge of their kids and concerned that saying no may somehow jeopardize their kids' emotional development or relationships. And parental guilt is their biggest reason for doing so. Could this be a big reason for your kid's manipulative attitude?

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