Bad Attitude News Alert

Defiant kids don't wake up one day with that attitude. It develops gradually and almost always starts with the breakdown of respect. Could this be an issue in your household? Studies suggest it clearly is a problem with many families. Consider these facts:

• Dr. Thomas Lickona, a renowned educator and the author of Educating for Character, cites large numbers of children showing attitudes of defiance for authority as one of the ten most troubling youth trends and warns it is a clear a sign of moral decline.

• A nationwide survey published in the New York Times showed that 93 percent of responding adults believed parents have failed to teach children honesty, respect, and responsibility.

• Louisiana lawmakers were so concerned with the breakdown of basic civility in school kids that they recently passed legislation making the saying of "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir" expected student behavior. Failure to address a teacher respectfully is now considered an offense that can bring detention.

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