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"Can you make my bed, Mom?"

Dear Dr. Borba,

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but my nine-year-old son is so lazy. I don't know where he gets this attitude: my husband and I work our tails off and have four jobs between us just to make ends meet. Our other two kids have such a strong work ethic that I have to tell them not to study so hard. But our youngest kid somehow has the notion that he's privileged and doesn't have to work as hard. Just getting him do his homework is a nightly battle.Any ideas as to how we can turn his attitude around?

—Jaynie B., a mom of three from San Diego, California

Bad Attitude Act Out

"Yeah, I know I'm supposed to water the plants, Mommy, but I just like to lie here and watch TV."

"Come on, I raked the leaves last week."

"AH the teacher told us was copy the words. Why should I study them too?"

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