Antidote Good Sportsmanship Fairness Forgiveness

"I should have won."

Dear Dr. Borba,

My wife and I are really concerned about our son's attitude: he's such a poor loser, and I don't mean about just sports but everything at home, school, among his friends. If something goes wrong for him, he just can't accept it! Instead he makes excuses or blames everyone (us, the teacher, his friends, the coach).At this rate, nobody's going to want him in their class or on a team. How can I turn around this bad attitude?

—Bill D., a father of four from Louisville, Kentucky

Bad Attitude Act Out

"You cheated, Dad! I never lose at Candyland." "The teacher never gave me a chance. I could have gotten the answer right."

"They ought to fire the coach. He never lets me play."

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